About us

Our Mission


We seek for the projects and ideas that will change your way of living life.

We want to be considered as a very important piece in the moments of people.
We believe that EVERYTHING can be enhanced to create a greater customer satisfaction and life quality.
That’s why we make things that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone. We want to be a very important part of your life.

“The best of life brought back to you”

How we got together

We’re all students at the “Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon” and we met each other during our activities as associates of the students board. We found out that what we are looking for is pretty much the same. We want to help our country doing something very different to what our colleagues do, which is complain about the current situation.

There’s a devotion in seeking perfection, in searching for something right in front of us that we hadn’t discovered. To improve what we all learn, what we all feel, what we all experience… We share this vision and we act through it.

Jack Zorola



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